Part of India’s south east, Andhra Pradesh has a longest coastline of the country along the Bay of Bengal. The rich culture and religion as well as nature and ecology are nurtured to make it the most favorable tourist attraction providing a visual delight to the visitors. The name of this state has found a mention in the grand epics like Mahabharata too. Geography of the state encompasses most Deccan plateau’s eastern part and the plains at the east of Eastern Ghats.


Tourists throng into Andhra Pradesh to explore its natural and cultural beauty. It is filled with innumerable places of interest that can captivate the minds of the visitors. Highlighting the significant places which everyone would love to see:

Outstanding Odisha

The state bestows its visitors with a warm welcome to its exquisite temples, magnificent monuments, enticing beaches, enigmatic natural beauty and abundant locations with rich significance that is yet undiscovered by the tourists. It is a justified option to travel around the state of Odisha and observe the enchanting environment.


To begin with a visit to the most revered Puri Jagannath Dham would enliven the sacred understanding of the sanctum Sanctorum. The wooden forms of the three siblings Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra seat in the bejeweled throne at the inner sanctum. The centuries old shrine is one of the Char Dhaam that is visited by millions of devotees across the country. Its impressive and complex architecture reflects the classical period of Odisha that leaves one awestruck.


The thirteenth century Sun temple at Konark, also known as, Black Pagoda is a remarkable part of history. The tremendous chariot temple displays the most intricate carvings and is masterpiece architecture. It is wondrous marvel of the world that would spellbind the tourists.


Also known as the city of temples is the home of several temples and monuments depicting the history and culture of Odisha. In the profusion of historic surroundings, the city has developed many extensive infrastructure and locations. The city is filled with amazing places like Nicco Park, Nandan Kanan and important landmarks like Pathani Samanta Planetarium makes it a major tourist attraction.


The Lake is considered as the paradise for migratory birds in certain seasons. The brackish lagoon is one of the best locations in the world that offers an extravagant display of the rare colorful avian species that visit during the peak season between the months of November and February. It is an excellent place of interest that tourists would never like to miss when visiting Odisha.

The visit would be incomplete without Odisha tribal tour to see the tribal wonders of the state. Unperturbed by the raised modernizations, the tribal villages have retained their popular culture and traditions. Visiting the villages of the popular tribes in Rayagada and Jeypore for Odisha tribal tour would be an enigmatic experience for the tourists to witness their ways of living life. Not just this, the state has major wildlife sanctuaries, ravishing beaches, scenic waterfalls, splendid landscapes that would enthrall the tourists.

Captivating Chhattisgarh

Popularly known as the Rice Bowl of India, the state of Chhattisgarh has massive tourist places encompassing spectacular waterfalls, pleasing landscapes, caves, sacred temples, heritage sites, and other beautiful locations. The Chhattisgarh tourism observing the civilization of the tribes can be a truly ecstatic experience for the visitors.


The astounding royal palace in this place highlights the different aspects of Indian royalty. The artistic masterpiece temples in Chhattisgarh tourism have an extraordinary architecture in here provide a superb view of beauty. This small and age-old town can be a location of retreat only to get engrossed with awesome visions of the place.

Chitrakoot Waterfalls:

This natural waterfall is located in the west of Jagdalpur in the district of Bastar which is a breathtaking beauty. It has earned the name of Niagara Falls of India due to its resemblance of the horseshoe fall pattern and widespread during the season.

Bhoramdeo Temple:

This temple is renowned as the Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh depicts the ancient past of glory. It is among one of the most beautifully sculptured temples offering fabulous views.


The place is correlated with the legends of the Ramayana and its name is derived from the name of Shabri, a woman who served Lord Ram and his wife Sita while they were living in exile. In the walls of the Nar Narayan Temple in Seorinarayan the figures adorn reflect the Hindu mythology. For a Chhattisgarh Tribal Tour, the village of Bastar can provide a bulk of attractions for the tourists. The tribal products like metal crafted handicrafts are quite a hit amongst the visitors of Chhattisgarh tribal tourism. The state has several wildlife sanctuaries and parks that the tourists would definitely like to discover the biodiversity of the region. Other than monuments and temples, the waterfalls, lakes and springs also contribute to the ecological balance of the environment in the state. A full-fledged tour of this state would provide unforgettable moments for the lifetime.