The land of West Bengal has the greatest historical significance due to its immense contribution to the political, cultural and economical aspects. The state has survived the colonial era and continued with its progressive development throughout. It has a rich heritage canvassed with various ethnicities, religions, people and languages. Moving on to the north eastern part of India, the “seven sisters” states are the wondrous locations of beauty. The North East India tour packages are worth to be explored to its deepest by the travelers and they will get in love with them.

Wonderful West Bengal

The geographical location of West Bengal stretches from the enormous Himalayas down to the Bay of Bengal and is filled with spectacular landscapes that are enough to captivate the souls of the tourists. There are marvelous tourist places in West Bengal that must be visited by the travelers.


It is West Bengal’s capital, a metropolitan city and also known as the “city of joy”. This city of ancient times has diverse ethnicity and religious culture. There are various important tourist attractions in Kolkata and few of them are Howrah Bridge, Eco Tourism Park, Shrine of Belur Math, Victoria Hall, Botanical Gardens, Fort William, Science City, Indian Museum, Park Street, Shantiniketan and Dakshineswar Kali Temple.


It is an amazing place to rejoice due to the snow capped mountains, verdant greenery along with startling views of the Himalayas making it as Earth’s Heavens. The place is canvassed green leaves of tea, white magnolias, red rhododendrons, different birds of varying species and Kanchenjunga’s snow peaks that contributes to the ecological factors of environment. The finest destinations of the city that must be visited by travelers are Kanchenjunga, Tiger Hill, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Barbotey Rock Garden, Peace Pagoda, Neora National Park and other sites. Tourists can enjoy the ride in the Toy Train for utmost exhilarating experience.


It is one of the interesting tourist destinations for several reasons. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Sarada Devi lived here for several years and thus, making it a much revered sacred place. The Ramakrishna Math and several temples like Tarakeshwar and Hangseshwari Temple are places of religious tourism.
There are numerous National Parks, Forts, Tombs, Mausoleums, Mosques, Palaces and museums that highlight the glorious past of the state. Sanctuaries and the Tiger Reserve contribute to the important tourist destinations in the state of West Bengal.

Nirvana North East India

The North Eastern states of India are perfect destinations for tourism offering a tremendous lifetime experience for the visitors. The states are covered in the Himalayan ranges and are home to around 166 tribes with their own distinguished cultures. The North East India tour packages have their own charm and specialties.

Arunachal Pradesh:

Renowned as the “Land of Rising Sun” that has enthralling locations and surprising aspects for the tourists and travelers. The beautiful rivers, mountains covered with snow, impressive flora and fauna, legendary historical and cultural heritage, the dense woods, and other exotic locations portray the magic of nature. The state of Arunachal Pradesh has several places of interests that include the Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum, The Buddhist Temple, scenic waterfalls, monasteries, and remarkable hill stations. Enthusiasts would love to experience adventures like trekking, fishing, river rafting and other activities.


This state is an entryway to the North East India. This region has canvassed itself with vibrant landscapes, hillocks, woods, brooks and streams and flora and fauna. The tourists would explore the plethora of beauties in here. It is the abode to one horned rhinos, blue rivers and red mountains, aromatic tea gardens that make the state of Assam a paradise on earth. It bears a demonstration of rich cultural heritage by its temples, monuments, and the torrential Brahmaputra River.


This northern state has a pulsating charm and it offers the simplicity and tranquility that are sufficient to make a mark in the hearts of the travelers. The Keibul Lamjao National Park on the Loktak Lake is the only floating park throughout the entire world. The traditional handicrafts and hand woven textiles of Manipur are popular in the whole country.


The state of Meghalaya exhibit exuberance in every aspect as it is an incarnation of eternal bliss and serenity enclosed in absolute beauty. It is known as the “Abode of Clouds” that has acquired its charm from the pleasing locales, profuse nature and bright surroundings. The North East India tour packages have trips to this part which assure a rendezvous with the extraordinary flora and fauna and prosperous cultural heritage.


It is cosseted in the grand mystic mountains having rare flora and fauna and dense bamboo forests. The government has facilitated many North East India tour packages and holiday tours to visit this hill terrain. The state has rich wildlife significance as it is the home to various beasts, birds, herbs, shrubs and climbers. There are several national parks and sanctuaries that display its love for wildlife.


The surging state of Nagaland of North Eastern India is exceedingly fascinating and adorably gorgeous. It is considered as the home to sixteen tribes and the state has yet to be explored completely. The virtuous terrains are awe-inspiring. A visit to Naga City for experiencing the panoramic nature, bountiful blossoms and demure rivers would be a journey full of joy.


The state of Tripura has royal palaces, wildlife sanctuaries and amazing hill stations. It is a perfect travel destination North East India tour packages due to its cultural diversity, natural environs, adept art and craft and lots more. Several communities live in a harmonious and cordial environment in here. It has numerous temples having picturesque sculptures depicting Hinduism and Buddhism.


This state is known as the brother of the seven sister states. It is a wonderland in the Eastern Himalayas with its vanguard environs and stunning tableau. The Shangri La, the Mount Kanchenjunga makes it a state that has charming land representing a blend of Buddhism and Tibetology. With Buddhism predominant in the state many monasteries and ruby clad monks on the tour can be seen. The nature loving people can view the eminent orchid’s sanctuary that where many indigenous species of orchids are found. This state provides ample opportunities to experience the adventuring activities like trekking, river rafting and mountaineering.