Spiritual Tour India with the Sonepur Fair

(14 Nights – 15 Days Tour)

PATNA( 03 Nighs ) – BODHGAYA( 02 Nights  ) –  VARANASI ( 3 Nights)

 This exciting tour presents eastern India with its variety of colours and landscapes. Sonepur fair will give you the touch of an ethnic village fare from Indian hinterland. The integral religious part of an Indian life presented by the visit of   Bodhgaya, Rajgir  Allahabad and Varanasi. This is a short tour to remember for a lifetime .

An exclusive India tour is always a memorable experience. 



Upon arrival at Patna Airport transfer to Hotel.

Patna, the capital city of State of Bihar shares the defining footprints from ancient

days to the recent times. Omit this place, and prime chunk will go missing from the annals of the creation of Indian history. Pataliputra, Kusumpur, Pushpapur and Azeemabad are some of the names that this city has borne over the ages.

Patna was once a powerful city. Early in the 5th Century BC, Emperor Ajatasatru Shifted the to Pattliputra (Patna), fulfilling Buddha’s prophecy that a great city would arise here. Emperors Chandrgupta Maurya and Ashoka also called Pataliputra home and it remained one of India’s most important cities for almost 1000 Years.  The Third Buddhist Council was held in Pataliputra under Ashoka  patronage.

A massive flood in the river Sonebhadra in the latter half the 6th century AD and subsequent Hun invasions devastated the city. In the 16th century, under the Afghan king, Sher Shah Suri, it partly regained its lost glory. In the 19th century it came under the political suzerainty of the British who named it as Patna. Overnight stay at Hotel in Patna.

Day 2/ PATNA – SONEPUR FAIR – VAISHALI – PATNA (55 Kms/ 1.5 hrs) 

The only cattle fare in India where Elephants are traded. In this exciting fare , apartPost breakfast take a full day excursion to Sonepur.  This fare at Sonepur is known as

from Elephants there are various kind of animals available for trade which also

include different variety of Birds. This cattle fare goes on for around three weeks.

Rests of the day explore this fare. Before returning to Patna also visit Vaishali.

Buddha is believed to have preached his last sermon in Vaishali. A life size-pillar beside a brick stupa at Vaishali commemorates Buddha’s last sermon. The statue of the lion on this pillar faces north showing the direction Buddha took on his last voyage. At Vaishali one can also visit the shaded stupa which is supposed to have housed the casket relic with the ashes of Buddha.

Return to Patna and overnight at Hotel.

Day 3/ PATNA – SONEPUR FAIR – PATNA ( 50 Kms/ 1.5 hrs)

objects, coins, art objects, paintings, instruments, textiles, paintings, Thankas, bronzePost breakfast visit the Patna Museum.  The Museum have display of archaeological

images , sculptures and terracotta images . The fossil of a tree said to be more than

200 million years old is on display. The Most prized collection of this museum is of

a statue of Yakshi. Patna Sahib Gurudwar, Golghar, and Kumrar, Later Proceed to Sonepur fair to explore this interesting fair.


Full day explore around this fare. The variety of animals for sale  include  pall breeds of dogs ,camels, buffaloes, donkeys, ponies, monkeys, chimps, Persian horses, sheep, rabbits, bears, and cats. All varieties of birds, poultry and fishes are also available. It also represents the culture of the local region through exhibits.  Many devotees also come to Sonepur to take holy bath at the confluence of the two rivers – The Ganges &  The Gandak.  Evening return to Patna. Overnight at Hotel in Patna.


Day 4/ PATNA – NALANDA – RAJGIR – BODHGAYA  (220 Kms /5 Hrs)

Post breakfast check out and proceed to Bodhgaya.  After around 2.5 Hrs of drivearrive at Rajgir. During the lifetime of the Buddha Rajgir was the capital of theMagadha Empire. In the rock cut caves here the Buddha spent several months

– meditating and preaching.

Here we take a cable car ride to visit World Peace stupa on the top of a hill. The teachings of the Buddha were penned down at Rajgir and it was also the venue for the first Buddhist council.

Just 15 Kms away we arrive at Nalanda which is the location of the ancient Buddhist University built in 5th Century AD. This great seat of learning flourished until 12th Century AD.

Later continue drive to Bodhgaya.  Arrive Bodhgaya and overnight at Hotel.


Mahabodhi temple built to mark the spot where Buddha attained enlightenment.After breakfast make the sightseeing of Bodhgaya. We start with the visit of Mahabodhi temple built to mark the spot where Buddha attained enlightenment.

The famous Mahabodhi temple, which stands in the centre of the MahabodhiTemple Complex, has been restored and rebuilt over the centuries.A large circular stone with the Buddha’s footprints is kept in a small shrine on the left.  In the same temple complex is the Bodhi Tree, which is said to be the descendent of the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment.Later we visit the Bodhgaya museum which houses antiquities excavated in and around Bodhgaya.  Also visit the Buddha statue and Buddhist temples from various countries which are located here.Overnight at Hotel in Bodhgaya.

Day 6 / BODHAGAYA- VARANASI (240 / 6 Hrs)

Post breakfast take the drive to Varanasi.

This drive takes you through GT Road which is one of the highways made during the Mughal Period.  Later afternoon arrival in  Varanasi and check in Hotel .Varanasi is one of the holiest places in India. Hindu Pilgrims come to bathe in the waters of the Ganges. The city is an auspicious place of cremation among Hindus. It’s amagical city where the most intimate rituals of life and death take place in public on the city’s famous ghats. In past, the city has been known as Kashi & Benares, but its present name is a restoration of an ancient name meaning the city between two rivers – Varuna and Assi.Evening attend Aarti  Ceremony at the Ghats. Overnight at Hotel in Varanasi.


Today Morning we rise before dawn to go for a boat ride on the river Ganges. As the

boatman starts rowing the boat the daily activities at the Ghats unfolds which canbe very interesting for a new visitor. Later we explore the city by foot to get the feelof this ancient city. Also visit Banaras Hindu University, Tulsi Manas temple & Bharat Mata temple. Return to hotel.

Overnight at hotel in Varanasi.

Day 8 /VARANASI – ALLAHABAD – VARANASI  (121Kms /3 Hrs One Side)

After breakfast drive to Allahabad , Visit Triveni Sangam, Allahabad Fort, Azad Park

and Hanuman Temple. Back to the Varanasi and Overnight stay at Hotel in Varanasi.

Allahabad sanctity is manifest by references to it in Purans, the Ramayan and the

Mahabharata. According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Brahma, the creator God of the Trinity, chose a land on earth(ie Prayag) to perform ‘Prakrista Yag’, at the beginning of the creation and he also refereed to it as Tirth raj or the King of all piligrimage centres’ As per writing of ‘Padam Puran’ – “As the sun is amongst the moon and the moon amongst the stars, likewise ‘Prayag is best amongst all places of pilgrimage”

The bathing at Prayag is mentioned in Brahma Puran s “ in the month of Magha at the bank of Ganga Yamuna in Prayag bestows results of millions and millions of Ashvmedha Yajna”


After   breakfast check out the Hotel In time transfer to the Varanasi Airport to board flight for onward destination.

Tour ends.